The Montana ProStart® Invitational

One of Montana ProStart’s most thrilling events is the Invitational: an opportunity for students to showcase their skills in culinary arts and restaurant management. Student teams may be coached by their ProStart teacher and industry mentors, but come competition time they are on their own!

The Montana ProStart® Management Competition 

Teams of two to five students develop their own restaurant concept, complete with a menu, recipes, floorplan, staffing plan and marketing strategy. They answer questions from industry judges, who act as potential investors looking for Montana’s next hottest restaurant.

The Montana ProStart® Culinary Competition

Teams of two to five students develop a three-course menu and prepare two identical meals in 60 minutes without electricity or running water using only two butane burners. Industry leaders evaluate them on food safety, knife skills, taste, presentation, team work, food costs and more.

The Winners

Montana’s winning Management and Culinary teams receive trophies, medals and scholarships and represent The Treasure State at the National ProStart Invitational (NPSI) with teams from more than 45 states.