The mission of Montana Organized Retail Crime Alliance (MT ORCA) is to provide a secure communication channel for our Private Sector Loss Prevention personnel and Law Enforcement to identify, apprehend and prosecute professional thieves.  The Montana Retail Association (MRA) formed MT ORCA in an effort to combat the rising problem of retail theft.  MT ORCA started in Billings with a strong partnership between law enforcement and loss control professionals from Montana Retail Association members.  In addition to MRA member loss prevention representatives, MT ORCA enlists the support of the County Attorney’s office, the Police Department, City Attorney’s office and the County Sheriff’s Department within the ORCA organized communities.  Since forming in Billings, MT ORCA has established ORCA groups in Bozeman and Missoula and has plans to eventually grow into four additional major markets.   The expectation is that MT ORCA groups will cover the entire state of Montana.

MT ORCA meets bi-monthly to share information.  The organization uses a secure web site to help build prosecutable cases against thieves. If you are experiencing unacceptable losses and would like to join MT ORCA, contact Valerie McClintock at [email protected] to learn how you can become involved.