Why ServSafe®?

Montana State Law requires each retail food establishment to have a person-in-charge who is a Certified Food Protection Manager. That certification requires passing an ANSI-accredited food safety course.
The ServSafe® Manager program is endorsed by the Montana Restaurant Association as the preferred path to that certification.

The ServSafe® program was developed by the National Restaurant Association with the help of foodservice industry experts who face the same risks and share the same concerns as you do every day.

Years of experience and inside knowledge of the restaurant and foodservice industry are the core of all ServSafe courses, exams and materials.  


ServSafe® Food Safety Program Materials

ServSafe materials help define food safety best practices. Specialists from regulatory agencies, academia and the restaurant and foodservice industry help create them. ServSafe materials reflect the latest science, research and FDA Food Code.

Flexible Options

Training and exams are available online and in a classroom. Courses may be taken in English, Spanish, Chinese and Korean. Online courses are available in English and Spanish. Exams may be taken in English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Canadian French.

Expert Food Safety Educators

Certified ServSafe® Instructors and Registered ServSafe Proctors must meet minimum experience and educational requirements. They bring practical, real-world experience to your training.

How does ServSafe Compare?

The ServSafe® Food Safety training program is widely recognized and respected in the foodservice industry. Here's why:
• ServSafe® uses quality materials and exams created by foodservice and regulatory experts exclusively for the foodservice industry
• Proceeds from programs are reinvested back into the industry
• ServSafe® is accepted in all 50 states, making it ideal for single and multi-unit operations
• Both food safety training and the certification examination are part of the ServSafe Manager program.
• ServSafe® delivers up-to-date regulatory information
• Foodservice subject matter experts are available to answer questions
• ServSafe training is flexible: online, classroom, in-unit and one-on-one training and examination options are available.

What training is right for me?

The same course content is covered in both formats: online and classroom.

The online ServSafe® course allows you to self-study at your own pace, provides downloadable study guides and reference material and uses interactive activities. It requires a computer that meets hardware and software requirements. However, if you take the course online, you will still need to locate a proctor to administer the exam. Most proctors charge an additional fee to administer the exam.

Many adult learners do better in a classroom setting. The ServSafe class requires a textbook, blends lectures, video and activities and is taught by Certified ServSafe Instructors, who know the material and have real-world experience that will guide your training. Certified ServSafe Instructors administer the exam as part of the class.

Both the online and classroom ServSafe® courses offer an ANSI-CFP-accredited certification exam.

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