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photo of Brad Griffin in Washington DC

Brad Griffin in Washington DC

There are several  national organizations that advocate on your behalf in Washington, DC. For more information on the groups that represent your industry, please refer to the home page of the association to which you belong.



Brief Primer on Montana’s Legislative MakeupMontana Legislature, Retail Industry Montana, Retailers in Montana

Montana has 50 Senate districts and 100 House districts for a total of 150 Legislators. Senators serve four years and House Representative serve for two years. Every two years half of the Senate – 25 Senate seats – are up for election. All House seats at up for election every two years. Montana voters approved term limits: 8 years or two terms for Senators and 8 years or four terms for House members.

In the 2017 Session, the House had 59 Republicans and 41 Democrats. The Speaker of the House is Austin Knudsen (R). Republicans maintained their majority in the Senate with a 32-18 margin. Senator Scott Sales (R) is the Senate President.

Governor Steve Bullock and Lieutenant Governor Mike Cooney are both Democrats.

For more information about the 2017 Session, visit mt.gov/css/sessions/64th/default.com.
For information on Political Parties, visit mt.gov/Elections/Parties/.
To find out more about elected officials in general, visit mt.gov/govt/elected_officials.mcpx.